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Názor ke článku Procento vs. procentní bod od Bez jmena - Procento ve fyzice: Myslim, ze to v diskuzi...

  • 14. 5. 2012 18:20

    Bez jmena (neregistrovaný) 130.236.199.---

    Procento ve fyzice: Myslim, ze to v diskuzi nikdo nezminil, a tak to radsi napisu. Ve fyzice lze znak '%' chapat jako cislo 0.01:

    In keeping with Ref. [4: ISO 31-0], this Guide takes the position that it is acceptable to use the internationally recognized symbol % (percent) for the number 0.01 with the SI and thus to express the values of quantities of dimension one (see Sec. 7.14) with its aid. When it is used, a space is left between the symbol % and the number by which it is multiplied [4: ISO 31-0]. Further, in keeping with Sec. 7.6, the symbol % should be used, not the name “percent.”

    Zdroj: http://physics.nist.gov/Pubs/SP811/sec07.html

    Takze treba narust A o X% NELZE zapsat jako A' = A + X%.