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Názor ke článku BSA opět posílá singapurský spam, hoďte ho do koše od Kverulant - Pitomci z BSA si neumeji ani poradne udelat...

  • 27. 4. 2011 21:51

    Kverulant (neregistrovaný)

    Pitomci z BSA si neumeji ani poradne udelat postu :
    Testing inbound SMTP mail flow for domain ceskarepublika­piratstvi@bsa­.org.
    ExRCA failed to test inbound SMTP mail flow.

    Test Steps

    Attempting to retrieve DNS MX records for domain bsa.org.
    One or more MX records were successfully retrieved from DNS.

    Additional Details
    MX Records Host asp-9.reflexion.net, Preference 0
    , Host asp-mxb.reflexion.net, Preference 100
    Testing Mail Exchanger asp-9.reflexion.net.
    This Mail Exchanger was tested successfully.

    Test Steps

    Attempting to resolve the host name asp-9.reflexion.net in DNS.
    The host name resolved successfully.

    Additional Details
    IP addresses returned:
    Testing TCP port 25 on host asp-9.reflexion.net to ensure it's listening and open.
    The port was opened successfully.

    Additional Details
    Banner received: 220 asp-9.reflexion.net ESMTP
    Attempting to send a test e-mail message to ceskarepublika­piratstvi@bsa­.org using MX asp-9.reflexion.net.
    The test message was delivered successfully.
    Testing the MX asp-9.reflexion.net for open relay by trying to relay to user Admin@TestExchan­geConnectivity­.com.
    The Open Relay test passed. This mx isn't an open relay.

    Additional Details
    The open relay test message delivery failed, which is a good thing.
    The exception detail:
    Exception details:
    Message: Mailbox name not allowed. The server response was: sorry, that domain isn't in my list of allowed rcpthosts (#5.7.1)
    Type: System.Net.Ma­il.SmtpFailed­RecipientExcep­tion
    Stack trace:
    at System.Net.Ma­il.SmtpTranspor­t.SendMail(Ma­ilAddress sender, MailAddressCo­llection recipients, String deliveryNotify, SmtpFailedReci­pientException& exception)
    at System.Net.Ma­il.SmtpClient­.Send(MailMes­sage message)
    at Microsoft.Exchan­ge.Tools.ExRca­.Tests.SmtpOpen­RelayTest.Per­formTestReally()
    Testing Mail Exchanger asp-mxb.reflexion.net.
    One or more SMTP tests failed for this Mail Exchanger.

    Test Steps

    Attempting to resolve the host name asp-mxb.reflexion.net in DNS.
    The host name couldn't be resolved.
    Tell me more about this issue and how to resolve it

    Additional Details
    Host asp-mxb.reflexion.net couldn't be resolved in DNS Exception details:
    Message: The requested name is valid, but no data of the requested type was found
    Type: System.Net.Soc­kets.SocketEx­ception
    Stack trace:
    at System.Net.Dns­.GetAddrInfo(String name)
    at System.Net.Dns­.InternalGetHos­tByName(String hostName, Boolean includeIPv6)
    at System.Net.Dns­.GetHostAddres­ses(String hostNameOrAddress)
    at Microsoft.Exchan­ge.Tools.ExRca­.Tests.Resolve­HostTest.Perfor­mTestReally()