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  • 8. 7. 2011 3:07

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    monster beats When A-list celebrities go on the road for work, they often bring along a makeup artist, a hairdresser, a stylist, a nanny, an assistant, a manager, a publicist and security, plus friends. Compare that to Kate, who’s heading out with one person to tend to her appearance: hairstylist James Pryce, plus the couple’s press and personal secretaries and an aide. dr dre beats
    beats by dre“Kate likes to be the ‘normal’ princess,” says Megan Evans, a former New York-based celebrity publicist who now runs her own wardrobe consulting firm, The Well Coiffed Closet. “She’s not going crazy by having all these handlers and people around her. She likes to do things herself.” cheap beats by dre
    Jdr dre headphoneHer lack of a posse isn’t all that surprising given Kate’s sense of unfussy simplicity in her public life.