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  • 28. 2. 2011 11:43

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    The puma uk bikes have a strong focus
    I warned Roberts about the backlash from some people about thinking of bicycles as a "piece of fashion." He said his only hope is people, "Just accept the bikes for what they are, and respect that we are trying to do something good." Despite five years of dismal sales of their first bike, he said the fact they're still committed to the bikes is a sign that they're much more than just a sneaker company that sells bikes. "We love bikes. That first bike did horribly and we're still in it."
    Roberts said they'll no longer sell bikes in their shoe stores and they are actively seeking to build a network of bike dealers.
    To create and develop the bikes, puma for sale works closely with Danish brand Biomega. The puma ferrari bikes have a strong focus on urban style with features like bold color schemes, cargo capacity, and foldability to fit into small spaces.
    Judging by the depth of their commitment to the industry, the expansion of their line-up, and their interest in creating a dealer network, it seems — for now at least — like puma ferrari Bikes is the real deal.