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Názor ke článku ChatGPT: Umělá inteligence programuje podle textového zadání v češtině od daevis - Dal jsem otázku Is it possible that GPT does...

  • 13. 12. 2022 22:17


    Dal jsem otázku
    Is it possible that GPT does logical inferences?

    Yes, GPT models are capable of performing logical inferences to some extent. Because GPT models are trained on large amounts of text data, they learn the statistical patterns and structure of language, which can include logical relationships and inferences. However, the ability of GPT models to perform logical inferences is limited by their training data and the architecture of the model itself. GPT models are not explicitly designed to perform logical reasoning, and they may not be able to perform complex inferences or reasoning tasks that require abstract or symbolic thought. For example, a GPT model might be able to generate text that follows a logical structure or makes reasonable inferences based on the words and phrases it has seen in its training data, but it might not be able to solve a logic puzzle or prove a mathematical theorem.

    Takže něco to ještě neumí :-)